Doha Employment Abroad Babysitter – Nanny

We are currently hiring 10 Babysitter-Nanny job opening for Doha Employment Abroad. See the entire details listed below. Continue reading

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UAE Job Vacancy Marine Dock Master

Telephone Number: 5222575
Email Address:
Official Representative: SALVACION V LOSBANES
Status: Valid License
License Validity: 8/6/2012 to 8/5/2016

Maximum Qualifications

  • Fluently speak, read and write English.
  • Considerable knowledge of the structure of vessels, stress points, load factors, cradle positioning, and blocking of vessels
  • Considerable knowledge of vessel stability calculations and docking plan development.
  • Considerable knowledge of rigging and aligning heavy equipment.
  • Considerable knowledge of the safety requirements of rigging heavy equipment.
  • Considerable knowledge of the floating dock capabilities and the associated mechanical, electrical, and structural systems.
  • General knowledge of the shipbuilding trades and of shipyard maintenance requirements.
  • Ability to plan, organize and supervise the work of skilled employees
  • General skill in the operation of heavy equipment.
  • Graduation from high school and ten (10) years of experience in a ship repair facility with concentration on
    blocking, cradling and docking of vessels and the operation of dry-dock equipment; or an equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • Preferable with Seabased experience

Principal Duties

  • Plans and oversees the dry-docking of vessels using Saudi Aramco floating dry-docks.
  • Reviews docking plans for technical adequacy.
  • Checks hull contours and structural members of a vessel to determine and ensure the proper placement of lifting blocks; is completely responsible for a vessel during the entire operation.
  • Maintains the floating docks associated equipment and systems, i.e., pumps, valves, tanks, cranes, and machineries.
  • Maintains vessels cradles.
  • Operates crane, forklift, and other heavy equipment.
  • Supervises skilled riggers who handle, remove, install and align heavy shipboard equipment. Reports to the Marine
  • Shipyard Superintendent and is reviewed through personal discussions and the maintenance of a safe and efficient hauling and dry-docking schedule.
  • Monitors safety on the floating dock and the vessel on it.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.
  • Responsible for developing the blocking configuration for each vessel, docking and undocking procedures, and all related safety practices.
  • Responsible for the operation and maintenance of the floating dry-dock, cradle docking small vessel at jetty cradles.
    During docking/undocking operations, dockmaster has the overall responsibility.
    This is technical work in docking, rigging, cradle docking, transferring, and undocking vessels at West Pier marine maintenance facility. Floating dry-dock operation, which lifts vessels from the water and replaces them in the water when work is complete. This includes planning and supervising the installation and arrangement of blocks, inspecting the bottom of the vessel to ensure the proper fit of all blocks and that all underwater appendages are in conformance with docking plans, and securing the vessel while it is on dock. Employee also maintains the dry-docks mechanical, electrical and structural systems. When undocking a vessel above the sea chest strainer, employee will stop un-docking and supervise the inspection of the underwater body to check for void and piping leaks.

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Nigeria Hiring Abroad Canning Line Operator

We are looking qualified and interested applicants for 25 Canning Line Operator in Nigeria Work Vacancy. Please apply immediately to the address given below. Come and visit now. Continue reading

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